From Edward Winkelman's Blog:

Advice for Artists Seeking Gallery Representation

I've had a request to consolidate the various threads we've hashed out over the years geared toward offering advice to artists seeking gallery representation and working with one. As I get individual requests from time to time myself, I figured finding them all would be time well spent. Here, in no order of when they were written, but rather of seeming chronological importance, are 10 threads I think include helpful information for any artist wanting to learn how to navigate these waters. Thanks to all the readers whose comments make them as useful as they are:
  1. Selling solo vs. working with a gallery
  2. Tailoring your resume for an art dealer
  3. Studio visit strategies
  4. Getting your foot in the door
  5. Mistakes to avoid in finding the gallery right for you (the one-size-fits-all myth)
  6. My very best advice for approaching a gallery
  7. The logic behind the 50/50 split
  8. Communicating with your dealer
  9. Dealing with over-protective dealers
  10. Notes on ending a gallery-artist relationship

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